Providing liquidity, knowledge and technology to the precious metals industry.

About Us

Created with the purpose of providing constant liquidity to our partners in the precious metals industry, Elemetal Capital has evolved into a full-service trading firm.

As the wholesale distributor for the entire Elemetal family of companies, Elemetal Capital focuses on physical metal trading, metal derivatives, and foreign exchange.

Elemetal Capital makes a market in all major gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. With an inventory that includes everything from fractional gold coins to 1,000-ounce silver bars, we provide our customers with a one stop shop for all of their bullion needs. And since our bullion trading desk is strictly wholesale, we do not compete with our customers in the retail market. To view our most popular products, please visit our bullion encyclopedia.

In addition to wholesale bullion, Elemetal Capital offers our clients numerous other precious metal trading services.

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A global precious metals conglomerate headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Elemetal’s principal holdings include Echo Environmental, Elemetal Capital, DGSE Companies, NTR Metals, and OPM Metals. Elemetal’s operations focus on precious metal recovery, refining and minting.

With processing centers across US and Europe, NTR Metals provides over 20,000 companies with local access to true refiner returns. Serving the refining needs of jewelers, pawnbrokers, and other members of the precious metals industry, NTR Metals has rapidly become one of the largest precious metals companies in the world.

OPM Metals is the largest American refiner of Good Delivery gold and silver, offering a wide range of services to the precious metals industry. With a state of the art 168,000 sq. foot facility, OPM Metals is committed to producing the highest responsibly sourced gold and silver.

Echo Environmental has been recycling industrial waste for over 25 years. With services that include industrial waste recycling, electronic waste processing, and silver recovery Echo Environmental offers our clients a comprehensive partner in the proper handling of industrial waste.



Wholesale Bullion

With inventory ranging from fractions of an ounce gold pieces to 1000 troy ounce silver bars, Elemetal Capital has the product to meet your bullion needs.

As a direct purchaser of product from the world’s largest mints, including the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and the Royal Australian Mint we strive to provide our trading partners with a wide offering to complement our in-house product.

Available to view in our Bullion Guide, Elemetal Capital’s in-house product is manufactured in our world class mint in Jackson, Ohio. Minted in an ISO 9001 certified facility with gold and silver refined to meet the industry’s highest standard, Elemetal bullion is second to none.


Trading Solutions

Our clients rely on us for one critical business function: liquidity. We help our clients efficiently transform bullion into currency, or currency into bullion.

From physical metal transactions, to forward or spot deferred trades, to metal in foreign currencies Elemetal Capital offers our trading partners numerous trading solutions.

For approved customers, spot deferred trading provides an efficient and convenient way to manage inventory and spot price risk.

With clients worldwide, Elemetal Capital stands ready to provide metal quotes and exchange rates in all of the major currencies.


Market Insight

Our trading desk continually monitors market conditions to detect even slight changes in market activity. With a finger on the pulse of the global metals market, we are positioned to provide our customers with the most pertinent information on premiums, market activity, and price outlook.


Worldwide Logistics

From domestic shipments and insurance to international transfers and vaulting, Elemetal Capital is an invaluable strategic partner

With our established domestic and international shipping lanes we ensure our clients around the globe receive their product in a timely and cost effective manner.